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bottle house in sultana ca by Matt (mister goletas) flickr


At first glance I thought this must be in North Africa and the top was a small minaret. However it turns out it is in Sultana in California and is believed to resemble a moonshine jug. There is also an asian perfume called Sultana. So the resonances are considerable.

Apparently the fact that it is a bottle shaped house built out of bottles means it has self similarity in mathematical terms, the individual components (in this case bottles) assemble to create the same shape, a larger bottle, like fractals

It is wonderful wherever it is and whatever it is meant to resemble.  I like the banded design and it must be dazzling when the sunlight streams in.

It is in a private garden and first surfaced on Matt mr goleta’s Flickrstream.

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Worlds_Largest_Teapot_Chester_WV rebuilt










In theory follies should be buildings without any practical use. In practice of course many can be used for sitting, admiring the view and enjoying a spot of liquid refreshment.

Taken to its logical extreme therefore (and what are follies if not extreme), why not design your refreshment room to resemble the refreshment you take there.

Hence our collection of cafes and restaurants built to resemble tea and coffee pots, from around the world. Here is a selection

Relax, put your feet up, have a cuppa and enjoy.


Worlds largest teapot in Chester, West Virginia , USA

shown before restoration (see current appearance above introduction)

teapot canoe livery beuna

Coffee pot used until recently for canoe hire and livery stables,

Beuna, Lexington Kentucky, USA


This coffee pot was in Bremen Indiana, USA now gone sadly


Petrol station tea pot in Zillah, Washington USA

This little gas station was built in 1922 by Jack Ainsworth as a commentary on the Teapot Dome scandal involving President Harding and a federal petroleum reserve in Wyoming. It is said to be the oldest gas station in use in the country. Read its unique history here.

It is no longer in use but some City of Zillah staff have formed a group called “Friends of the Teapot Association” and they are raising funds to relocate the structure closer to downtown and possibly convert it into a tourism information center. There, they say, “the Teapot could be watched and cared for in a way that respects the history and artistry for which it represents”.

blackpool 1930s

Mobile teapot refreshment van in Blackpool, UK in the 1930s

java jive teapot

This giant coffee pot is in Washington, USA

Information about this and similar building is on the roadsideamerica website where there are lots of similar goodies


Mystery entry. Anyone know where this giant coffee pot is?
<Thanks to Karen Kocik for letting us know this is a Teapot Museum at Meitan in China>

We are still looking for a wine bar or restaurant built to resemble a  decanter or a wine bottle. If you find one let us know 🙂

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