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We take a very liberal view about what makes a modern folly here at the Folly Fancier. If turning the interior of your New York apartment into a fake log cabin is the nearest you can get to realising your own personal fantasy, why not?

And that is just what New Yorker Rob Schleifer has done in a one room fifth floor walk up near 14th Street in Manhattan.

Mr Schliefer was interviewed recently by the NYT which also ran an interactive active photo spread of the apartment http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/02/22/nyregion/22cabin-panorama.html?ref=nyregion which is truly astonishing.

All of the interior and fixtures and fittings are painted brown or veneered or painted to look like wood and the apartment is filled with a truly extraordinary collection of objects. The bathroom steam pipe has been painted to resemble a tree, complete with curling serpent. If you have ever played one of those computer “hidden object” games you would be right at home although it might take months to identify everything hidden in this room. This is after all the result of 30 years compulsive collecting.

The apartment is stuffed with found treasures: a stuffed cat, a zither bought at auction for 45 cents. an ox yoke turned into lighting.,  a horse skull picked up in the woods in Florida, a World War II radiation detector,  handcuffs. brass knuckles, two sets.  

Collecting on this scale seems to be a chap sort of thing, and there is no Mrs Schleifer to complain about the clutter or the dust. Now however his landlord is buying him out and Mr Schleifer is moving on. Before he does look on his works and wonder. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/22/nyregion/22cabin.html

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