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treehouse by blue trees


Tree houses are fertile ground for folly builders and Blue Forest makes some gorgeous examples, as you can see in these pictures.




But while the setting and the materials may be all about getting back to the nature, inside they tell a different story.


blue forest interior            Tree_House_Office_4_gallery-image-600x364


Outside all is rural charm, inside the owner is ensconced in a cosy stylish wooden room with a flat screen television and a wine fridge. All this and peace and quiet too, what more could a discerning owner want?


Blue Forest’s founders Andy and Simon Payne grew up in East Africa where they spent their childhood enjoying the beauty and adventure of the great outdoors. According to their website their UK based company’s treehouses were born from these experiences and from a desire to bring other people closer to the natural world. Read more at www.blueforest.com

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It’s quite surprising how many people harbour a design to build an upside house. Sometimes it’s a statement on modern life and the builder even puts in the furniture upside down: visitors frequently report feeling seasick. But some topsy-turvy builders just want to turn their life on its head and even live in their creations.




Here is a selection of upside down houses, if you recognise one and even better have visited one, let us know what it is called and what it was like inside.












Meanwhile here is a video of the interior of an upside down house in Poland, its business man owner apparently built it as  his personal take on modern values. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CrLXEE_y_Y


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