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wooden folly 20102 baumhauer s germany 1


Architects: Philipp Baumhauer with Karoline Markus
Location: Southern Germany
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Julien Lanoo


The pavillion, which was commissioned privately, was originally conceived and planned as a tea house. In the course of the planning phase, the project evolved into a decorative and ornamental structure that was given a new purpose.

It grew into a Folly of the kind that populated 18th century landscaped gardens in England and turned into an edifice without a clear definition – a larger than lifesize abstract piece of furniture.

Niches in the facade, the roof as well as the interior, where cushions await, invite reposal. The exterior consists of planed boards of larchwood, whose smoothness contrast with the weathering process.

No flashing (cover sheet), socket or visible attic, detract from the sharp edges and solidity of the structure – in part to ensure that the aging process will appear completely homogeneous.

When not in use, the pavillion is closed with shutters made of highly polished stainless steel. In this way depth is achieved not only by structural means but in an imaginary and illusional way using the reflecting qualities as a mirror.



wooden baumhauer folly 2




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cornwall grotto seat


The Folly Fancier now has a facebook presence where you can read about follies and post your own. Unlike this blog, it is not restricted to modern follies but covers any follies, anywhere, any age. It is a public site, anyone can view. Why not pop over there and have a look and if you like it, drop me a friend request and join us.

Just go to facebook, and type Folly Fancier in the search bar along the top to find us.

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