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airplane-house2 nigeria by said jammal

The Airplane House Nigeria by Said Jammal

Strictly speaking a folly should be a building with no useful purpose. So houses don’t really qualify, or do they? What if the convention that form follows function has been completely abandoned, if the builder has not just torn up the form book but comprehensively trashed it to realise their wildest fantasies. The really obsessed even build their personal follies themselves like Lebanese engineer Said Jammal whose Airplane house in Nigera is pictured above. Could such an obsession be said to denote folly in the builder? Would such a house be a folly?

American real estate agent Roxanne Ardary would probably say yes. On her website she has collected a set of extraordinary houses from around the world, of which the very least that could be said is that they denote folly in the builder.  Below are two more, proving that folly building transcends all races and geographical boundaries.


The Crooked House in Poland

football_house Malawi by Dutch architect Jan Sonkieh2

The Football House in Malawi

You can find plenty more where these came from on Roxanne’s site.


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