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Stumpery cave by Phil Game dec 2007 2

The Stumpery  – a driftwood cave by Phil Game

Follies echo the zeitgeist of their time. In the 18th century follies were the playthings of rich men and often built to flaunt their wealth and education in a showy display of conspicuous consumption. Shell grottoes are a good example of this, costing thousands and taking years to create.

Today when every concerned citizen is trying to save the planet and minimize their carbon footprint what better statement than a grotto made of recycled materials? Pictured above is a cave constructed entirely of drift by garden folly builder Phil Game.

Built for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2006, the  cave was 8 metres long x 3 metres wide and 3 metres high  – all made from driftwood stumps. Inside is a long bed bench made from one piece of oak and dressed with hops and lavender. The Stumpery now belongs to former Beatle Ringo Starr.

Phil can be contacted at Pure Folly

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